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Prist® Hi-Flash® Hi-Flo™ aerosol cans are now available with a redesigned trigger dispensing system that makes them easier and safer to use. The safety trigger gives the user control of additive flow with instant on and off dispensing. Now the trigger dispensing system comes pre-mounted on the can which eliminates leaks at the valve connection. This means less waste, no drips and no spills.

Prist® anti-icing fuel additive comes in a wide range of packaging, making it easy to choose the amount of product and dispensing method for your application.

The additive pilots ask for by name.

Directions for Use

  • 1. Remove and dispose of red safety tab on top of trigger spray nozzle.
  • 2. To start flow, squeeze trigger on spray nozzle and continue holding trigger during fueling: To stop flow, release trigger.
  • 3. Use can upright and start flow of Prist after refueling begins and stop flow of Prist a moment before refueling stops.
  • 4. Invert can and squeeze trigger for 2 seconds to clear dispensing tube. Caution: Assure that Prist is directed into and blends with flowing fuel from refueling nozzle. Do not allow concentrated Prist Fuel Additive to contact exterior of fuel tank or coated surface of aircraft.

Refer to advice of aircraft or engine manufacturer as to the suitability of use

  • When used as directed, the contents of this can will provide the recommended concentrations of 0.1% by volume minimum to 0.15% by volume maximum. Contents are adequate for a minimum of 105 gallons and maximum of 155 gallons of fuel within concentration range.
  • Instructions provided in aircraft and engine operating manuals regarding the use of manufacturer recommended fuel system icing preventative measures must be strictly followed.

Storage and Disposal

  • Store away from direct sunlight, and other sources of heat. Discard containers in trash. Open dumping is prohibited. Waste resulting from use of this product may be disposed of on site or at an approved waste disposal facility. Dispose of empty container in a sanitary landfill, or by other approved procedures by state and local authorities.

Physical Hazards

  • Use can upright. Avoid breathing vapors. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Keep away from heat, sparks and flame. Use only with adequate ventilation. Do not swallow. Use goggles or face shield or rubber gloves when handling.Not for food, drug, pesticide or cosmetic use. For use only as an anti-icing agent in aviation fuel. For use in enclosed systems only.
  • Contents under pressure. Do not puncture. Do not use or store near heat or open flame. Exposure to temperatures above 130* F may cause bursting.


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